Alanchand Google Chrome extension

Knowing the price of dollar, euro and gold is very vital for every person or business in Iran, and since each of the prices change several times a day, using methods that easily and quickly It is very important to provide users with Google Chrome extensions are tools that are added to the Google Chrome browser and make working with the browser much easier. For example, you can add the Google Translate extension to your browser and wherever you need to translate, with one click, you can translate the entire page you are visiting into your preferred language. We have programmed a Google Chrome extension that will be added to your browser for the convenience of price information, and you can easily view the price of dollars, euros, gold or any other web page with one click on your browser. See how many currencies and other symbols are updated on the site now.

How to install the extension now on the Google Chrome browser

For this purpose, search the term chrome extension in Google and click on the first result.

Then, search for alanchand in the extension search section and then click on the result, which is how much the same extension is now.

On the next page, click on the Add to Chrome option and then in the window that opens, select the Add extension option. After this, the extension will be fully installed on your Chrome browser.

In the next step, to make it easier for you to work with the extension, you can attach it to the main extensions of your browser.

When using the extension for the first time, you must click on the 'login' button so that the extension recognizes your browser and displays only the prices of your favorite currencies in subsequent uses. To do this, click on the gear icon in the plugin and on the next page, select any of the currencies or symbols that you want to track the price of and finally click on the save icon.

Congratulations, then whenever you need to know the price of your favorite currencies, you can see all the prices with just one click.


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