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The price of uniswap was traded today Wednesday 29 May with 11 dollars on the Binance exchange and 649,042 Rials on the Nobitext exchange. Currently, uniswap is at the 20 rank of the currency table has a market value of 6,722,496,280 dollars.
In the last hour 0.46 has increase and in the last night 1.74 increase and also in the last week 16.84 increase percent was facing.

649,042 IRR
calculation with Tether rate: 58,457 Toman

about uniswap

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. With this exchange, you can perform decentralized exchanges of over 5,000 ERC20 tokens. Users can easily exchange crypto tokens without the need for an intermediary. In this case, traders can exchange Ethereum tokens on the UniSwap platform with full confidence and without dependence on a third party.

Instead, Uniswap relies on smart contracts to execute transactions. Smart contracts are algorithms that automatically execute after predetermined conditions are met.
Unlike many other exchanges, UniSwap does not pay attention to the matching of buyer and seller to determine the price and execute the trade. As a result, it uses a simple matching equation and liquidity pools.
Due to two important features such as: decentralization and censorship resistance, UniSwap is considered as a DEX. Uncensorable means that regardless of identity, everyone can trade with others on the same terms within the network. UniSwap is an open source software and everyone can access its source code on GitHub.

uniswap details


# 20

uniswap price

$ 11.103

changes 1 hour


changes 24 hour


7 day changes


30 day changes


60 day changes


90 day changes


Market Cap

$ 6,722,496,279.811


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