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The price of dai was traded today Thursday 18 April with 1 dollars on the Binance exchange and 68,004 Rials on the Nobitext exchange. Currently, dai is at the 22 rank of the currency table has a market value of 5,347,624,962 dollars.
In the last hour 0.01 has increase and in the last night 0 decrease and also in the last week 0.01 decrease percent was facing.

68,004 IRR
calculation with Tether rate: 68,004 Toman

about dai

DAI is a decentralized digital currency that aims to maintain the value of one US dollar. 1 DAI is the so-called "stablecoin". Stablecoins can be called "crypto versions" of traditional currencies such as USD, EUR or NOK. There are several reasons for using these digital currencies, one of the most important reasons being the currency price fluctuations that Dai is supposed to protect against.
Dai is like taking a loan against the value of Ethereum. Anyone can produce a die; The only thing required to generate it is Ether and Pegungi's technical know-how of using a decentralized application.

There are many stablecoins out there, but Dai is an Ethereum Token (ERC 20) based stablecoin that aims to maintain a value equal to one US dollar. This happens through an automated system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
It is not necessary for normal users and traders to learn how to generate it, because to use it, they can make their transactions from decentralized exchanges on the Ethereum platform.
Since cryptocurrencies are volatile, Dai can act as a hedge against volatility. Therefore, it can attract more users, even they can convert it to other tokens if needed. Especially when users believe that the price of digital currencies may fall.

dai details


# 22

dai price

$ 1

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Market Cap

$ 5,347,624,962.2


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